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A successful Commercial Information Exchange (CIE) or CMLS creates a connected commercial real estate community in a local market. It's a platform that enables members (brokers, developers, appraisers, investors, etc.) to share data and take advantage of the resulting efficiencies. It removes barriers, allowing big companies and small companies alike to focus their time and money on serving their clients.

Catylist is the #1 provider of CIE and Commercial MLS software, serving REALTOR® associations in over 30 local and regional markets throughout the United States — more than any other provider. There are three things that put us head-and-shoulders above other providers: our unique Model, leading Technology, and exceptional Customer Service.

Our Model: Organizing communities.

We provide you with the best software and all the expertise you need to create a successful community. We partner with you every step of the way, from the initial launch and transition, to training sessions, ongoing strategy sessions, and marketing campaigns. We want to see your CIE succeed as much as you do, and we'll use our decade of experience to help you create a valuable benefit for your existing members and a great reason for new members to join.

Use our software to build, organize, verify, share, and analyze the commercial information in your market — never relinquish control or ownership. You are in full control of your CIE, choosing: who joins your CIE, how much functionality is exposed, how your data is shared. You can export your data whenever you want — it belongs to you.

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Our Technology: Best in the industry, easiest to use.

We've spent a decade refining our software based on feedback from our thousands of clients. The result is the most functional and easy-to-use CIE platform on the market, reflecting our deep understanding of both technology and commercial real estate. Our CIEs balance five main components:

  • A Property-Centric Research Database — We work with you to accumulate, verify, and organize a large amount of commercial real estate data, including: active property listings, sale/lease transactions, property records for each building in the market, demographics, etc. Everything is tied to the underlying parcel records, allowing your CIE to generate useful market statistics and trends.
  • A Powerful Marketing Engine — Save your members from repeated data entry – allow them to build amazing listing presentations (both online and in print), then distribute them for exposure to a wide network of industry websites, search engines, and even their own company websites. We've integrated everything your members need to market their properties, from broadcast email tools and custom web/print design services to personalized lead generation and IDX.
  • A Social Networking Platform — Your members will have full access to a number of communication tools, including email lists, a discussion forum, a detailed, customizable membership directory, support for blogs, and integration with leading social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • A Web Presence for your Association — We design a website for your association, then allow you to use our content management system to post news, events, member/leadership lists, etc. Your CIE will be a professional, search-engine-optimized hub for commercial real estate in your market.
  • A Commercial Property Search Engine — Your members will have access to the most advanced search engine in the industry, allowing them to search property by any number of criteria in real time. We also work to attract the public (investors, developers, etc.) to the search engine in order to drive leads to your members.

Our Customer Service: Customer happiness is the #1 priority.

We understand that Real Estate is a service-oriented business, and we're dedicated to providing you amazing service, not just great products.

Our staff is experienced, knowledgeable, friendly, responsive, and always just a toll-free phone call, email, or instant message away. Your members will also have access to free online training sessions Monday – Friday of each week, user manuals and a wealth of online help documentation. We've spent a decade refining the product based on client suggestions, and value client feedback above all else.

On a higher level, your dedicated CIE account representative will work with you to provide guidance on growing your CIE. From strategic planning to additional training sessions, office visits, and ongoing marketing, we're with you every step of the way.

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Take control of your Market

To learn more about Commercial Information Exchanges, please contact:

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"Catylist is the best CIE system in the country. We've seen them all!"

"We looked at other available service providers in the market, but it was obvious Catylist offers superior technology on a user-friendly platform. Catylist offers the best CIE service available today...period."

"We reviewed the latest available national CIE options and it is clear the Catylist CIE service is head-and-shoulders above any other available service."

"The Catylist CIE service consistently ranks as one of our highest-rated benefits by FGCAR members. In our most recent survey, over 89% said the CIE was valuable for their business. This very much reinforces our association's commitment to its premier service. Catylist has always been responsive, willing to listen, and committed to building a comprehensive service tailored to our specific needs and we are excited to continue this relationship."

"I have had other local brokers tell me that Catylist is a much superior product than any of the other competing platforms available to the brokerage community. As for me, I have found Catylist is very robust and able to give me just the information I need in order to advise my clients properly and perhaps just as important, the system is intuitive and easy to 'drive' for those just getting started and can grow as the broker becomes more familiar with all the tools as his/her disposal."

"Our Technology Committee researched CIE provider's for almost a year. Catylist was by far the most efficient and effective system, which made our choice easy."

"We did an extensive search and questioned a number of well known listing services competing in the market and Catylist seemed to be the only group interested in meeting our needs and the needs of our members. Having the ability to not lose control of our market data and know that we are entering into a true partnership with a group that had our best interest at hand cemented our decision. The process with Catylist has been very easy and streamlined in spite of our efforts to complicate the process."

"Catylist was an easy choice for us after seeing other offerings. We were impressed with the constant innovation and upgrades that Catylist provides. Partnering with Catylist will allow us to stay at the forefront of the commercial real estate industry."