Kind Words from our Clients

John Francis

"The Commercial Alliance of REALTORS Board of Directors is very impressed with the exceptional features and functionality that Catylist offers. The Catylist staff provided excellent assistance with our transition to the platform, including training which prepared our membership for the change. The team working to import our information into the correct data fields ensured that our site is robust and accurate. We find that Catylist is easy to navigate, reports are simple to create and customize, and clients are well-served through the myriad of syndication sites available to subscribers."

Lois Kostroski

"FGCAR was there at the beginning – and it has been a good partnership: a receptive partnership, an innovative partnership, and one that will last because both parties respect and listen to each other. For both our sakes, we wish Catylist many more decades of good service to commercial real estate."

Kenneth Damann

"The LACDB is looking forward to continuing to work with the great folks there at Catylist. You've been more than another vendor – your team has been a great partner in our success! Keep up the good work."

Gary Banner

"Congratulations Catylist on your 10th Anniversary as a premier Commercial Information Exchange platform provider. Catylist has powered our local CIE for many years and has been instrumental in growth of our association's commercial division, CALV here in Las Vegas. As Past President of CALV, I have witnessed first hand how Catylist's superior support has gained much prominence and respect in the Las Vegas commercial community. Numerous times in the past, Shane Hayes, VP of Catylist, has personally traveled to our association to give tutorials to our members and prospective members. These classes were, both live and online and all members leave with the same impressions: "this is a better mouse trap." Many members are taking advantage of our other services too – all supported by Catylist. Comparable Sales Data, Property Records and History and links to cyber-space portals to increase our exposure. None of this would be possible without a reliable and stable exchange platform as our foundation."

So, again congratulations Catylist on your 10th anniversary and in building a "better mouse trap"

Barry Spizer

"We looked at other available service providers in the market, but it was obvious Catylist offers superior technology on a user-friendly platform. Catylist offers the best CIE service available today...period."

Martin Kane

"We reviewed the latest available national CIE options and it is clear the Catylist CIE service is head-and-shoulders above any other available service."

Lois Kostroski

"The Catylist CIE service consistently ranks as one of our highest-rated benefits by FGCAR members. In our most recent survey, over 89% said the CIE was valuable for their business. This very much reinforces our association's commitment to its premier service. Catylist has always been responsive, willing to listen, and committed to building a comprehensive service tailored to our specific needs and we are excited to continue this relationship."

Pat Eberlin

"Catylist was an easy choice for us after seeing other offerings. We were impressed with the constant innovation and upgrades that Catylist provides. Partnering with Catylist will allow us to stay at the forefront of the commercial real estate industry."

Carl Grending

"We switched over to Catylist 3+ years ago and for us it was an easy choice. The whole company is very responsive, and this attention translates over to their software. We have found the software to be flexible, intuitive and easy to navigate. Over the past few years, we have added additional new benefits for our membership and Catylist was there to help us through the whole process. Now we have several economic development entities using Catylist's SiteFinder, and have added additional demographic information and listing syndication options to mention a few recent enhancements. When it was time for us to renew our contract, it was an easy decision for our board. We look forward to our continued working relationship with Catalyst."

Dave Lefebvre

"Catylist is the best CIE system in the country. We've seen them all!"

Jerry Petzoldt

"Our Catylist CMLS commercial property network has not only brought all our regions properties together into a single data base but it has also brought all the commercial brokers together to create one dynamic business network to cooperate and market them! I can't express how great it is to finally have a commercial property listing database vendor that is prompt and responsive to client requests! At TCI Group, we have been users of a variety of software systems – from a limited local homegrown database, to LoopNet, to Commercial Source. No other vendor has the quality software nor the customer service that we've found at Catylist. From our association with Neal and the sales team to our contacts with the IT group, it's all been very positive. We will continue to recommend Catylist to our associates in the commercial real estate field. Keep up the good work!"

Bill Milliken

"It's hard to believe that software that began as a concept 10 years ago (with its fair share of skeptics) has now become the commercial listing backbone in Michigan. Thanks for bringing us this remarkable tool."

"Congratulations to Catylist on reaching such a milestone over the past 10 years! Catylist has taken the opportunity to implement many enhancements and exceeded expectations over the years. Thank you for all of your enthusiasm and motivation to adapt to our CIE needs!"

Garry Cuff

"I have had other local brokers tell me that Catylist is a much superior product than any of the other competing platforms available to the brokerage community. As for me, I have found Catylist is very robust and able to give me just the information I need in order to advise my clients properly and perhaps just as important, the system is intuitive and easy to 'drive' for those just getting started and can grow as the broker becomes more familiar with all the tools as his/her disposal."

Micah McCullough

"Our Technology Committee researched CIE provider's for almost a year. Catylist was by far the most efficient and effective system, which made our choice easy."

Steven McMurtrie

"Our CIE committee's job was to review the major national CIE options and provide recommendations to the Board of Directors. It was clear the Catylist service provided the best user friendly, flexible, most robust and cost efficient exchange for our members and non-members. I was introduced to Catylist while working in Michigan. Our commercial team relied on the Michigan CIE more than any other exchange due to the amount and reliability of data provided by CBOR/CPIX. I am pleased that NCCAR's Board of Directors took the lead and partnered with Catylist to bring a valuable and necessary statewide CIE to California."