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Catylist Welcomes Greg Hoard to Lead Catylist Research Phoenix Efforts

Greg Hoard, a seasoned veteran in the commercial real estate technology industry in Phoenix, has joined the Catylist team.

Jan 22, 2020

With thirty years under his belt as a top-performing commercial real estate broker and eight years as a technology expert, Greg has joined forces with Catylist Commercial Real Estate Technology to bring their fully researched subscription-based listing database to the Phoenix metro area. Greg has made a career of showing brokers, owners, and EDC’s how to leverage technology to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. Now, he’s focusing those efforts on showing the commercial real estate professionals of the Phoenix metro area how valuable Catylist Research can be for them.

Catylist Research offers an innovative CRE database that allows users to access accurate, comprehensive market data by cataloging every commercial parcel and property in the area. Catylist’s team of professional researchers collects detailed property data on every commercial property, lease and sale listings, sale comparables and owner information – all verified with multiple sources. Utilizing the latest technologies, this research is combined with marketing and lead generation tools including a dashboard and email marketing feature, as well as access to the nationwide Catylist Member Network. All Catylist member listings are also elevated to nationwide public exposure on, Catylist’s national commercial marketplace.

Catylist Research includes presentation-quality, user-friendly reporting features for both single property and multiple building surveys, along with a research-on-demand service.

“Coming from a commercial broker mindset I totally understand that it’s all about the data,” Greg Hoard said. “When I saw the complete integrated solution with both proactive researched data and an industry wide marketing solution that Catylist has put together, I was fired up and was all in. This platform is a complete game changer and will provide the commercial real estate professional with a way to differentiate from the competition at an affordable price. I’m excited to join the team and spread the word about Catylist Research.”

Brokers looking to list their properties on will also gain access to the tools and features within Catylist Research. Catylist Research is a monthly subscription with no commitment and no full-office requirement. Contact Greg for information on joining or for a demo in your office or through webinar.

For inquiries, contact:

Greg Hoard

(480) 399-2504

Posted on Jan 22, 2020

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